The Amerithrax Incidents

The Amerithrax Incidents were a series of of bioterror attacks in 2001 in which letters containing anthrax spores were sent to several media outlets and US Congress members, resulting in the death of 5 individuals and infecting 17 others.

While the reported letters were eventually declared to be an act of domestic terrorism from an Army biodefense researcher, there were a handful of additional packages of a non-biowarefare nature that indicated a more serious and more sinister threat, one that would necessitate a more robust response going forward.

Three additional letters were sent to various government and media bodies in the wake of the anthrax letters, containing not anthrax but some hitherto unidentified magic intended for prominent, more visible individuals. The first letter, being erroneously addressed was delayed in processing and intercepted unopened some days after it’s intended arrival date. The second package actually misfired on it’s sender in the process of delivery, rapidly immolating the sender outside a Boca Raton mailbox, and the third actually managed to make it’s way into the White House. Details are sketchy, as every single shred of relevant evidence is locked down to the utmost degree, but as best we can piece together on public information, some large amount of destruction was wrought by an explosion or summoning of some sort.

These cases were covered up and never connected to the anthrax letters in any public manner. Behind the scenes however, it was clear to the Bush administration that these were related, if not directly, and they represented a sea change in the way warfare would be made going forward.

In the response to the 9/11 attacks and the formation of the Department of Homeland Security, another set of agencies were created, under the banner of PARALEL

The Amerithrax Incidents

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