PARAhuman Law Enforcement & Logistics

The labyrinthian government body in charge of high level parahuman deployment and monitoring throughout the private and public sectors.

PARALEL directs few PHU in these capacities directly, instead preferring to work alongside PHU employers extant bodies in these various fields and industries.

Military PHU assets are the responsibility of their directing military branch. PARALEL must be kept in the loop regarding deployments, missions and other pertinent operational information with regards to the numerous PHUs in military service, (at all classification levels- an endless irritation they tolerate with much grumbling) but they wield no direct authority in approving or executing military maneuvers. They do advise and raise concerns and issues with regularity, (typically to the President, and especially in situations where the use of PHU assets is publicly visible or evidentially obvious) a situation that often leaves strategy meetings rather heated.

PARALEL’s relationship with the military is a functional, if suboptimal one; the political backbiting tends to hamper the smooth co-existence of the two.
PHU assets deployed in the civil service sectors


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